Automate your HR processes with the Process-Toolkit: easy, clear, innovative.

The Process-Toolkit allows you to create a portal in next to no time. Use it to coach your clients and employees during a varied range of HR processes.

Easily automate your processes

One platform used as a basis to overview all your coach / HR-professional tasks.

For e-coaching, e-learning, recruitment, assessment, HR cycles and more

The great thing about it all? You will never need an IT expert, you can easily do it yourself.

Utilize the Process-Toolkit for a variety of HR processes:

E-coaching, e-learning, recruitment, assessment, HR cycles and more

Discover the Possibilities

"no more binders and paperwork; it is all conveniently combined online"


Set up your own online portal

Add your own styling and branding

Chat directly with participants

Keep an overview of personal tasks

All data in one place

Easy to use


With us, you will pay €14,50 a month for coaches and €10 a year for participants. That will allow you to design and assign as many processes (step-by-step plans) as you like.

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