Everybody has a certain motivational pattern, you too! If you need to exert influence, then you will drive for a management position. If you are primarily driven by ‘creativity’, you will want a job that offers the opportunity to be creative. You possess a unique pattern of motivational drivers and these impulses generate job satisfaction. Your most important motivational drivers determine what gives you energy. When we talk about motivational patterns at work, we often refer to these as Motivators or Career Values.

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Professional Motivational test: Career Values

The Career Values questionnaire has been scientifically developed by Diddo van Zand and his team of methodologists to determine a candidate’s motivational drivers. These drivers are classified in three areas: Yields, Activities and Environment. The yields area lists what you receive for what you do, the Activities area covers the kind of activities that you consider motivational, and Environment focuses on your relationship with those areas of your work that you consider motivational.

This professional Ixly questionnaire is applied by a large number of advisors of renowned agencies for assessment, coaching and team development purposes. Apply for a free demo and convince yourself.

Professional Motivational Tests

Many complimentary motivational tests are available on internet. A true professional will want to use questionnaires that are not publicly available. And this is what the Test-Toolkit offers!

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