Competency Management

This chapter contains information about competency management. Here you can find out about the goals, language competencies and competency profiles. Furthermore, we take you into how competency management can be performed, e.g. by integration into the HR cycle. In addition you will find complete competency sets of behavioural indicators and development suggestions. 360 degree feedback can be used as a tool for competency management but this is not necessary. Other methods such as discussions, workshops and self-assessment tools are also useful.

  • Competency Management Objectives.
    Look before you leap. It is important to know why you are introducing competency management and what you want to achieve with it. Often it is introduced as a fashionable tool copied from another organisation. By really knowing what you want to achieve, you can design the right system for your organisation.
  • Strategic competentencies.
    What would you like your organisation to excel in? Make sure that the strategic competencies are anchored in the competency profiles and end up in the bloodstream of the organisation.
  • Integratie in HR Management Cycle.
    In order to safeguard competency management it is essential to integrate it into the HR Management Cycle, the annual discussions/conversations that managers have with employees. 360 ​​degree feedback can play a role in this and strengthen the organisation.