A career assessment provides insight into the professions most aligned with your personality, talents and interests. A personal profile arises from making an inventory of your underlying qualities and interests. This personal profile is then connected to a career choice database and a picture emerges of which careers are best aligned with your profile.

What are possible career assessments?

We offer a number of opportunities to do a career assessment.

Interest for Tasks and Sectors

The interest questionnaire for Tasks and Sectors gives a good indication of the kind of tasks you would like to fulfill, and the sectors in which these tasks can be found. That offers interesting touchpoints to find a job.

Interest assessments

Interest assessments are typically part of a career choice test, but sometimes it is also synonymous. When you’re looking for an interest assessment, be sure to check out this page: interest assessments.

Professional career assessments

Many complimentary career assessments are available on internet. A true professional will want to use questionnaires that are not publicly available. And this is what the Test-Toolkit offers!

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